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Encased, CE Certified, Class 1 Laser Product


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Features of the
flexx2 3D Camera

  • 38,000 3D Pixels
  • 224 x 172 Resolution
  • 56 x 44 Degree Field-of-View
  • VCSEL with 940-nm Wavelength
  • Independent of External Light
  • USB 3.0 Type-C Port
  • Multiple built-in User Modes
  • Depth Measurements from 10cm to 4m
  • Software Suite “Royale” and API

A Successful Journey
From Robotics to Drones to Space Station

Developer uses 3D ToF Camera for Robotics Pointcloud
  • A successful journey
    Building on the success of the now-discontinued “PicoFlexx”, which already brought 3D depth-sensing technology to the hands of thousands of developers worldwide and even to space, we are happy to share the newest member of our 3D Sensing Family with you. The flexx2.
  • Countless exciting and industry-changing projects are built upon the flexibility and reliability of our 3D Camera Development Kits and make use of the high-quality depth data from Infineon’s IRS2381C REAL3™ Time-of-Flight Image Sensor.

    Learn More about ToF-Technology

Code Examples
What you can do with the flexx2

Out of the box, the flexx2 gives you a stream of depth-data with precise distance information from each pixel, a 3D pointcloud as visual representation of the scene, and an infrared 2D image that is independent of external light. These data streams are the foundation for a lot of different use-cases like edge detection, object recognition, distance measurement, surface detection, or environmental scanning.

Learn more about the setup in our tutorial section:

flexx2 Tutorials

#3D News, #News, #Product Updates

We are excited to announce the release of our latest software version, Royale 5 as a free update.

#Tutorials, #Knowledge Base

This tutorial demonstrates, how to use different functionalities of the Point Cloud Library (PCL) together with our Royale Software, when using the flexx2 3D camera development kit.

#Knowledge Base

Of the many kinds of 3D depth sensing technologies on the market, this blog article will explain the differences between stereo, structured light and time-of-flight, as they are the most prevalent technologies right now.

#Tutorials, #Knowledge Base

This tutorial demonstrates, how you can use OpenCV with Royale.

Flexible User Modes

  pmd flexx2 Development Kit  
Version DevKit:
Encased, CE Certified, Class 1 Laser Product
Size 71.9 x 19.2 x 10.6 mm  
Resolution 224 x 172  
ToF Sensor IRS2381C Infineon® REAL3™ 3D Image Sensor  
Illumination 940nm 1 Watt VCSEL (LC1)  
Framerate Up to 60fps (3D frames)  
Field-of-View 56 x 44 FOV
Range 0.1m - 4m  
Interface USB3 Type-C  
Accuracy <= 1% of distance (0.5 –4m @ 5fps) <= 2% of distance (0.1 –1m @ 45fps)  
Software Royale SDK C/C++ based supports Matlab, OpenCV, ROS 1, ROS 2  

3D Camera Development Kit
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