3D Vision for your Product!

Flexxibility Multiplied!

The flexx2 is one of the most flexible and advanced Time-of-Flight 3D cameras on the market to add depth sensing and machine vision to your product.


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  • The flexx2
    The Depth Sensing Kit flexx2 is a USB3-connected 3D depth camera for development, research, and mass production. It features our latest Time-of-Flight image sensor with 38k 3D pixels, flexible working ranges, flexible frame rates, and reduced depth noise and IR night vision. The perfect tool for developers who want to be ahead of their time.
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Your Advantages

  • SLAM, Obstacle Avoidance and Cliff Detection
  • Real 3D Volume Measurement
  • Active IR Illumination for Night Vision
  • Reduced BOM Costs and System Complexity​
  • No Moving Parts, No Wear Out ​
  • ​Solid State with Small Form Factor
  • Easy Integration and Setup
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Depth-Data and Infrared View
What you get out of the flexx2

  • Out of the box, the flexx2 gives you a stream of depth-data with precise distance information from each pixel, a 3D pointcloud as visual representation of the scene, and an infrared 2D image that is independent of external light. These data streams are the foundation for a lot of different use-cases like:
  • Powerful SDK
    The flexx2 comes with our powerful pmd Software Suite "Royale Viewer" and the "Royale API". We support many different software frameworks, libraries, and programming languages out of the box. Start developing with ROS 1/2, Python, OpenCV, OpenNI2, Matlab, C, DotNet, Windows, and Linux/ARM. Just to name a few.
  • Royale SDK

One 3D Sensor. Endless Options.

  • Autonomous Navigation
  • Environmental Mapping
  • Feature Tracking
  • Gesture Control
  • Night Vision
  • Object Recognition
  • Obstacle Avoidance

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United by Core Strengths


Ready for single-unit development, prototyping, and full-scale mass production.


Choose the right resolution, framerate, field-of-view, and processing stack for your product.


Hardware and software are developed for maximum compatibility and seamless integration into your product. Build your own or Plug&Play.


Proven reliability with over 20 years of experience and production know-how in depth-sensing hardware and software.

Easy Software Integration

Our product family and SDKs supports many different software frameworks and languages. Start developing with ROS 1/2, Python, OpenCV, OpenNI2, Matlab, C, DotNet, Windows, and Linux/ARM. Just to name a few.

Strong Ecosystem

A strong and global partner network of experts from the Time-of-Flight development on pixel level to mass production of industrial-grade 3D cameras.

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Recent Developments

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We are excited to announce the release of our latest software version, Royale 5 as a free update.

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This tutorial demonstrates, how to use different functionalities of the Point Cloud Library (PCL) together with our Royale Software, when using the flexx2 3D camera development kit.

#Knowledge Base

Of the many kinds of 3D depth sensing technologies on the market, this blog article will explain the differences between stereo, structured light and time-of-flight, as they are the most prevalent technologies right now.